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Standard Living RoomStandard Living Room

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Unlike hotels that charges extra for gyms, swimming, spas, stream rooms, and coffees.  Our prices are all-inclusive, and absolutely no hidden fees.
Our Prices Are All Inclusive!

Optional Mobile Phone Rental

For only $120.00/night for six month term
  • Stay for 2 guest in a 510 to 610 sq suites and guest of 4 in 1,000 sq Presidential Suite
  • 24 Hour Concierge and Security
  • The use of in-suite entertainment, including 42' HDTV with 5.1 surround sound with movies and HD Cable Channels
  • Complimentary beverages: regular and decaffeinated coffee, various tea and hot chocolate, soft-drinks and ice.
  • Soaps and body wash, shampoo, toilet paper
  • Access to gyms, sauna, swimming pool, spas, jacuzzi, billiard and ping-on table
  • In suite cookware and cooking oil, salt and sugar, laundry with detergent.

Since no in-suite telephone available, you'll have option of renting to make unlimited calls locally to any landline or mobile and competitive long distance rate to Canada and U.S (more info)

Fireplace Lounge

Six Month Term

Three to Six Month


Only $120 / Night

Initial Reservation: $500
Cash on Arrival: $2,690
Total Per Month: $3,190



Only $130 to $140 / Night

Initial Reservation: $300
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Two Bedroom Suite starts at $200/night!